XIWANGFIRE BT90 5000lm LED Torch 50W Highly effective Sturdy Gentle Lengthy Vary Flashlight USB C Rechargeable 18650/26650 Charging Torch


This flashlight is available in two colors: red and black. BT90 laser wick, the maximum brightness can reach 5000 lumens, no virtual standard, the effective range of 1000 meters, which is equipped with a 26650-5000 MA lithium battery, strong light continuous lighting for about 2.3 hours, function use: Double click is extremely bright, long press the switch does not move is burst flash, turn on the light long press can adjust the weak light, medium light, strong light, use which gear closed and then open is which gear with memory function! Note: During the installation process, the positive electrode of the battery faces the direction of the lamp head, do not install the battery backwards; Flashlight in the case of electricity, the switch button will show a blue light, if the switch button becomes a red light should stop using, charge it first, fully charged and then use! Charging plug please use 5V charging, in addition, because of the high brightness of the flashlight, if the flashlight has heat in use is normal!
The flashlight is 15CM long, 6CM wide at the head, and 3.1CM wide at the tail
A single flashlight weighs about 211 grams
TYPE-C charging cable
18650/26650 rechargeable lithium batteries

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