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• Bluetooth Connectivity :Connects to your Apple device via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily track your location and other important information.

• GPS Tracking :Tracks your location using GPS technology, ensuring that you never lose track of where you are or where you've been.

• Anti-Lost Reminder :Sends you notifications when your device is lost or left behind, helping you to quickly locate and recover it.

• MFI Rated :Meets the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that you can trust your device to work reliably and effectively.


Bluetooth tracking device, Works With "Find My" APP of Apple devices, can track and find important items

Product Specification

1.Production Type GPS Tracker Finders

2.Battery Buill in Battery

3.Bluetooth 5.2

4.Weight 20g

Package Included:

1 * GPS Tracker

1* User Manual

1* Box

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