Trustfire T21R Tactical Led Flashlights 2600LM Kind C USB Rechargeable 21700 Highly effective Outside Lighting Excessive Energy Lanterns Torch



Trustfire T21R Tactical Led Flashlights 2600LM Type C USB Rechargeable 21700 Powerful Outdoor Lighting High Power Lanterns Torch

Max Brightness is 2600 lumens
Max 228m Beam Distance
Power indicator
Tactical switch

Tactical tail press for precision and efficiency

Tactical tail press
Momentary: lightly touch to light up temporarily, release to extinguish immediately.
On/off flashlight: press fully to turn on/off the flashlight

Neck switch

Changing mode: low mode- medium mode – high mode – extreme high mode
Memory mode: automatic memory of the current gear
strobe mode: long press 1.5 seconds neck switch

Compact size, easy to carry

Compact body, small size, the diameter of the flashlight body is only 24.6mm, It can be adapted to most of the flashlight clips on the market, easy to carry.

228M long range shooting

Easy to cope with the complex and changing outdoor environment, support tactical momentary, it can instantly find the location of prey and react.

Power Indicator

There is a power indicator on the neck of the flashlight, which will light up when the flashlight is turned on. Different colors represent different remaining power, as shown in the following figure.

Type-C charging

When charging, the following steps should be followed.

1. Turn off the flashlight switch, insert the USB Type-C port of the charging cable into the USB Type-C charging port of the flashlight, the indicator light is on red for charging, the green light is on for charging is full.

2. the charging cable should be unplugged when charging is complete.

Since the battery will slowly self-discharge, it is recommended that users should perform charging operation every six months when It's not use the flashlight for a long time to avoid battery damage.

IP68 level of protection

The highest level of 6 dust-proof, 8 waterproof level, completely prevent dust from entering, underwater 2 meters can be normal use and up to 1 meter fall protection height.

Battery selection

Recommended: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with protection circuit board (Trustfire-21700 lithium-ion battery X series, etc.)

Use with caution: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (21700)

forbid: Disposable batteries

forbid: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (without protection circuit board) (18650)

forbid: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (2 * 16340)

Warning: Recommend the use of Trustfire series 21700 lithium-ion batteries, please do not use the available types of batteries other than to avoid damage to the battery or flashlight, prohibit the use of lithium batteries without protection plate.

Dimensions (flashlight and battery)

Body diameter: 24.6mm*129.2mm*head diameter: 26.8mm


Net weight: 71.8g (exclude battery)

Product parameters

Mode / moonlight / Middle mode / High mode/ Extreme High mode / Strobe mode
Additional function / Intelligent temperature control, low voltage warning, anti-reverse connection design, neck side switch, tail tactical switch, power indicator
Note: The above parameters are only an approximation, tested in a laboratory environment with 21700 5000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the values may change with the use of the environment, the battery changes.

The use of a new generation of LEDs with international patents and a life of 50,000 hours.

USB Type-C charging technology with charging indication function.

Tactical tail switch function.

Neck shift function.
Built-in intelligent temperature control system to prevent overheating during the use of flashlight, improve the use comfort level;
Constant current circuit, constant brightness, gear memory;

low voltage warning, reminding users to replace in time when the remaining power is too low.

Anti-reverse connection design, to prevent the battery from being installed backwards, causing harm to the circuit.

Made of aviation aluminum AL6061-T6.

Anti-wear treatment of military grade III hard anodized surface.

Dimensions: 129.2mm (barrel length) x 26.8mm (head diameter) x 24.6mm (barrel diameter).

Net weight: 71.8g (exclude battery)

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