New Rechargeable Photo voltaic Flood Mild Outside Moveable LED Reflector Highlight Rechargeable Projector Floodlight Development Lamp


1.Polycrystalline silicon solar panels provide you with high photochemical conversion rate, you can charge them through a charger or solar energy to ensure enough power, different types correspond to different charging types.
2.Has three light sources: the lamp can switch between two colors 3000k/7500k (warm white/cool white), SOS red flashing alert!
3.The lamp can display the power in 4 levels and display the power in real time, which is convenient for you to charge in time and prolong the service life of the lamp.
4.Charging function for mobile phone, you can charge your mobile phone when your mobile phone is out of power outdoors

Use Scene Features:

1: Waterproof: Deep life waterproof, weatherproof, can be used in rainy days!
2: Working time: the maximum brightness is about 10 hours, and the minimum brightness is about 60 hours!
3: Magnetic attraction: Double magnets can be directly attached to the metal surface!
4: Can be hung: The belt is equipped with a non-slip hook, which can be hung in any position, which is convenient for life!
5: Power display: keep abreast of the current power, indicator design!
6: This outdoor LED portable light is also a power bank to charge your phone or other devices.
7: This outdoor LED portable light repair light, emergency light, work light, make it more convenient for you to use it.
8: It is also an outdoor lighting, camping light, fishing light, hunting light, it can make your outdoor entertainment sports guaranteed lighting, no longer dark.
9: Camping lights, fishing lights, hunting lights, travel lights, tent lights, high-end products that can be used
Portable outdoor LED lamps/emergency charging/long battery life.

Material: ABS plastic.
Wattage: 500w 200led 170*150mm
200w 140led 140*140mm
100w 60led 110*110mm
Battery: Built-in battery
Grade: A
Charging type:Solar charging/USB charging cable

LED Tent Light Rechargeable Lantern Portable Emergency Night Market Light Outdoor Camping Bulb Lamp Flashlight Home

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