30W Excessive Energy Sturdy Gentle Highlight LED White Laser Flashlight Zoom Kind C Rechargeable Tactical Navy Search Flashlight


Product Details

[Lamp bead model]: 30W spotlight
[Product Lens]: Optical convex lens
[Product power]: 30W
[Working voltage]: 3.7V
[Product Material]: Aluminum Alloy
[Product Color]: Black
[Switch position]: Middle button switch
[Whether to focus]: Telescopic focusing
[Product size]: 14.8 * 4 * 2.8cm (length after zoom) 16.3 * 4 * 2.8cm
[Applicable battery]: 18650×1 (excluding battery)
[Luminance]: 2000 lumens (actual around 1500 lumens)
[Working gear]: Strong light, weak light, burst flash
[Waterproof grade]: IPX6 (waterproof for daily use, rain proof, and cannot be soaked in water)
[Charging port]: TYPE-CUSB direct charging
[Battery level display]: The switch has a battery level display function, with a green light indicating sufficient battery level.
The red light indicates low battery level and needs to be charged
[Charging prompt]: When charging, the button light will turn red, and when fully charged, it will turn green
[Net weight of product]: 144g (single flashlight)
[Gross weight of product]: 169g (flashlight, USB cable, white box)


1. White laser bead, with high brightness up to 1800 lumens and a service life of 100000 hours;

2. Lens: Good light transmission performance, not easily damaged, sturdy aluminum attack head to protect the lens from wear and tear;

3. Telescopic zoom: Good focusing effect and long irradiation distance;

4. Middle switch: Made of high-quality natural rubber material, with anti slip surface treatment. Press the switch to switch lighting modes in sequence;

5. Battery contact: Spring shaped battery contact design, copper has good conductivity, effectively preventing poor contact phenomenon.

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