Sofirn SC18 1800lm EDC Flashlight USB C Rechargeable SST40 LED 18650 Torch TIR Optics Lens Lantern with Energy indicator


When you place your order, please note
With battery: Only one battery, no extra battery
Without battery: battery not included


1. Leading Performance: This LED flashlight is equipped with Luminus SST-40, easily lighting up the path in front of you with significantly improved throw: it delivers a maximum output of 1800lm at a distance of up to 217 meters, producing a particularly soft and balanced beam profile to preserve comfortable vision.

2. USB Type-C Rechargeable: Integrated USB Type C charging, it will recharge quickly anywhere if there is access to a USB outlet. Fully charged the included 3000mAh rechargeable 18650 battery in 60 minutes through a USB Type A to USB Type C cable and a 5A/2V charger without disassembling the light. 

3. Simple Operation: Access different outputs with the side electronic switches for any daily use scenario. Battery indicators on the side switch to get a battery level reminder at a glance. It features six brightness levels: Moon(3Lm)/Low(100Lm)/ Medium(350Lm)/ High(800Lm)/ Turbo(1800Lm)/ Strobe(1800Lm).

4. Ready to Perform: Rated at IP68 water resistance, the EDC light is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our handheld flashlight is made of solid aluminum alloy; No worries about slipping out of hand easily with double unique knurling for unique style and solid grip.


   1 X High Power LED

Working Voltage: 2.7V – 4.2V

Battery Options: 1 X 18650 Li-ion battery

Dimension: 101.5mm (length) × 24.7mm (head diameter)

Weight: 55g (without battery)

Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy

USB Type-C Charging

Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (except Moon, Turbo and Strobe)

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology

Reverse polarity protection: it cuts off the power while battery inserted improperly.

LVP: while on, if the battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, it turns off automatically.

HVP: while on, if the battery voltage is higher than 4.35V, it turns off automatically.


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