Sofirn IF23 Flashlights 4000lm Highlight Floodlight Colour 3 Sorts Vivid Facet Lamp Magnetic Tail Kind C 21700 Rechargeable Torch


IF23 is a compact, bright and powerful LED multi-color flashlight that produces both white and multi-color lights. Besides the different multi-color light, this mini flashlight also provides floodlight and spotlight beam pattern. With powerful LEDs, it produces super bright 4000lm of intense light. The body is constructed of aluminum alloy. It offers USB-C charging for convenient charging. When it comes to a color flashlight that features a good mix of durability, convenience, and lots of versatility, the Sofirn IF23 is one of the best options to go with for various reasons.


1. Emitter:1*XHP50B, 20* CSP1313(13-3A3-I1-90-B2-BD-GR), 10* Color LEDs(JF-387F-Y)

2. Battery Option: 1x 21700 battery

3. Working Voltage: 2.7V-4.2V

4. Mode Operation: Side e-switch

5. Standby Drain: ≤150uA

6. Input: Type-A to type-C 5V 3A

7. Maximum Charging Current: 3A

8. Material: A6061-T6 aluminium alloy

9. Water Resistance: IP68 waterproof

10. Reflector Type:Orange peel reflector

11. Lens Type: Toughened glass lens

12.Dimension: 27.5* 30.05* 120.5mm

13. Weight: 125g(without a battery)

14. Spotlight beam angle: 15°,floodlight beam angle: 85°

15. Reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation.

16. Low BatteryLevel Warning: When the battery voltage is low, the LED indicator will flash red. Please recharge the battery.

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