SNDWAY Laser Rangefinder Telescope Laser Distance Meter Searching Golf Rangefinder 600M 1500M


Accurate and consistent readings, high-precision flag pole locking, Especially suitable for golf, hunting, outdoor sports, etc.

1. Measuring Range: 600m-1500m
2. Magnification: 6X ±5%
3. Field of View: 7.0° ±5%
4. Scan Distance Measure:Yes
5. Distance Measure Accuracy: ±(1.0m+Dx0.3%)
6. Speed Measure Accuracy:Yes
7. Height Measurement:yes
8. Angle Range:yes
9. Diopter Adjustable Range:±6°
10. Units of Distance:meter,yard
11. Battery Battery Life: 750mAh Li-ion
12. Water Resistant: IP54

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