Positioning Rod Handheld Underground Metallic Detector GP Pointer Handheld Waterproof Excessive Sensitivity Safety Detector


• Pinpointing Technology :The Handheld Metal Detector GP-pointer Pinpointing For Treasure Search Waterproof Positioning Rod Detecting With Bracelet LED Lights has a pinpointing technology that helps you locate the metal object with precision.

• Waterproof Design :This metal detector is waterproof, making it perfect for treasure hunting in wet conditions.

• LED Light Display :The LED light display on the bracelet helps you locate the metal object even in low-light conditions.

• Positioning Rod :The positioning rod allows you to accurately determine the depth and location of the metal object.


High quality pointer is an essential tool for any serious detectorist.

This small, lightweight device employs precision tracking to help speed recovery of finds.

Only a quick button-press instantly tunes out environment or narrows your detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets.

Just try it, and speed up your probing process.

It is ideal for recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions.

It features audible and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects.


  • Pinpoint tip detection.

  • 360° side-scan detection area.

  • Scraping blade for searching among tight soil.

  • Automatic tuning.

  • One-touch operation.

  • Audio and vibrate alerts.

  • Alarm will be increased based on targets' proximity.

  • LED light for low light uses.

  • Water and dust resistant (IP66).

  • With a holster and a retractable hanging wire.

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