18350 lep flashlight Lumintop THOR Mini lengthy distance 700 meters torch Looking with strobe mode Self Protection flashlight


Lumintop THOR Mini 18350 lep flashlight

Intensity: 122500cd;
Distance: 700 meters
Mode: Low; High; Strobe/SOS
Support battery: 1pcs 18350 battery
Flashlight size: 25*78mm
Power: 8.4W

General mode: Low, High(with mode memory)
Hidden mode: Strobe, SOS(without memory)
1. ON/OFF: One click for ON, press and hold for 1 second for OFF.
2. Output change: One click from ON.
3. Strobe/SOS: Two quick clicks the switch to enter Strobe, another two clicks to SOS, one click for OFF.
4. Batery check: 3 clicks from OFF. i.e. 3.8V is equal to 3 blinks then 8 blinks, etc..
5. Lock-out: 4 clicks from OFF. Press and hold the switch with turn the light momentary on until button released. Another 4 clicks or cut off the electricity to unlock the lamp.
6. Switch backlit light ON/OFF: 7 clicks the switch from OFF.
7. With Reverse polarity protection; Low Voltage Protection; Over-Heat Protection.

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