MD-1014 Children Metallic Detector with LCD Show Adjustable Handheld Children Metallic Detector Waterproof Search Coil Children Metallic Detector


MD-1014 light metal detector can search for coins, cultural relics, jewelry, iron, gold, silver and any metal. This detector has high sensitivity. With strong recognition ability, it is suitable for beaches, courtyards, grasslands and other places, with wide uses and convenient use.

【High Quality Educational Toys】: Metal detectors are a great way for children to learn science and technology. It's a fun and exciting way for kids to explore the outdoors and find hidden treasures. Metal detectors make great gifts for children of all ages.
【Lightweight and Safe】: Light weight,easy operation,comfortable handling ,ergonomic design, the adjustable valve stem extends from 27.5 inches to 35.4 inches for easy carrying. Made of safe and harmless ABS plastic, ideal for kids to spend long hours outdoors on a relaxed treasure hunt.
【7.5” Waterproof Search Coil】190 mm (7.5 inches) waterproof search coil, which can be used in shallow water. Both the adjustable stem and coil (not include screen are waterproof, which means that the gold digger is extremely perfect for metal detecting activities in the garden, local park, on the beach and all health outdoor locations.
【Easy to Use】 Simple operation allows children to easily start treasure hunting! Turn on the button until the light turns green and the state of maximum sensitivity is turned on. Once the metal is detected to approach the coil, it will sound to remind you.
【Precise Detection & Alarm】LCD display and buzzer two-way reminder, so that your kids will not miss any suspicious metal objects. If there is any metal object, the an arrow and signal symbol will appear on the screen, meanwhile it sounds. The closer they are, the louder it sounds and the signal will be stronger.
【Wide Applications】This detector has high sensitivity. With strong recognition ability, it is suitable for beaches, courtyards, grasslands and other places, with wide uses and convenient use. Perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)etc.can be used in science education. 

Note: rocks and minerals will interfere with detection. Indoor pipes and metal appliances will affect the test results.

Power Supply: 1 * 9V battery (not included)
Working Frequency: 5.80KHz±0.2KHz
Operating Current: < 40mA
Sensitivity: > 10cm measurable 25 cent coin
Material: ABS, metal
Package Size: 59.5 * 8.5 * 9 cm / 23.42 * 3.35 * 3.54 inch
Package Weight: 1100g / 38.8oz

Package List:
1 * Metal Detector
1 * User Manual (English)

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