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Product introduction:

Congratulations on your selection of AKS pro metal detector.it is a long range metal detector designed to precisely pinpoint metallic objects(gold,silver,copper and diam). it can be used for locating metallic objects direction and general place.

After turning on power switchof transmitter and receiver.If locating gold,please press gold button.and gold light will be on.for silver,copper and diam locating operation.way is the same(please don’t select two or more than two select,it can’t select gold after selecting silver,only select one to locate ).

Because AKS pro metal detector is long range metal detector.its searching range is 0-1500meters.depth up to 0-25 meters.usually the bigger metallic objects,the deeper machine can detect.and it will have some deviation on searching and depth.but if using and operating machine well.it will reduce deviation.in generally,it needs to spend some time to practice.the harder,the harvest.

Product main features:

Super portable:transmitter and receiver are designed in one.it is very portable,And carry is very easy.

AKS pro metal detector is strong powerful long range metal detector.it will let you more effective to locate metallic objects.

Build in battery,it can be charge after machine hasn’t power.it don’t need to buy extra battery.when power is enough.machine can be used 8-10hours.


Detection type: gold, silver, copper,diam.

Search range:Max1500M

Detecting depth:Max25M

Launch frequency: 5.6— 6KHz

Signal frequency: 300— 440Hz


Boot test:

Turn on power.Work light will light on the device.When press copper button.corresponding copper indicating light on machine will light.for Silver,Gold and Diam.operation is the same.if corresponding light islight.it displays machine can work usually.

if corresponding light on thetransmitter and receiverarenot light.maybe power oftransmitter andreceiver are not enough.it needs to charge for device at first.

How to using AKS pro metal detector?

Hand held AKS pro metal detector,it can’t let device to swing,make sure device is balance.if can’t balance.operation is very difficult.machine hasn’t way to locate metallic objects.after balance,try to test walk along a direction with same speed,if AKS pro metal detector pin turned to left side,it means metallic objects are maybe on left side.but it needs it done two-three times to judge.after two-three times same operation or even more.if AKS pro metal detector pin still turned to left side.remember this direction.and then continue to walk ahead at same speed.after walked 10 meters,if AKS pro metal detector pin haven’t any rotation.it mean it hasn’t metallic objects in this direction.back to place(it has direction),walk ahead along pin directed direction,usually it won’t have any rotation.when we walked on metallic objects.machine will 360 degree rotate,as soon as we walked pass metallic objects.pin will direct back.we may judge metallic objects on our back.and we also may judge place of metallic objects.Place is between 360 degree rotate’place and pin turned back’place.

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