Light-weight Underground Steel Detector with Waterproof Search Coil A number of Selections for Youngsters /Newbie Out of doors Steel Gold Search


MD-5021 Lightweight Metal Detector Portable High sensitivity Gold Finder Treasure Hunter Non-ferrous Metal Finder

1, View meter-When unit finds any metal target, the meter pointer swings to the right.

2, Multi function – Metal Detector employs integrated circuit technology to allow you set sensitivity, discrimination, threshold volume, which can locate metallic items, such as jewelry, coins, bullets, and other various artifacts precisely.

3, Equipped with 2 modes: All-Metal &Discrimination. All Metal Mode enables you enjoy the fun of detecting, and the Discrimination Mode which you can use to discriminate the unwanted metal.

4, Waterproof search coil, can help user to treasure hunting in shallow water or on beach.

5, Lightweight  – With improved circuitry and premium material, this detector are lighter, and use less battery power, suit for adults and

6, VOLUME Adjusting to help user to suit for different environment.

7, EAR Phone hole-It's a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting headphones.

8, LOW BAT-Low battery indicator. When LOW BAT indicator lights, user should replace the batteries at once.


This metal detector is also widely applied in many other areas.

Gold Detection, Desert Detection, Military Use, Safety Inspection, Archeology, Treasure Hunting, Beach Detection

metal detector adopts  integrated circuit technology that makes it ideal for hunting metal hidden below the surface.


The detector is versatile and easy to use. The detector's features including:

1, High sensitivity is >= 15cm for a US Quarter

2, New and beautiful design

3, Easy operation

4, Multi function

5, Headphone Jack—let you connect headphones (not supplied) and operate without trouble.

6, Tip meter – shows the probable type of metal being detected.

7, 8” waterproof Search Coil— can be used in shallow water (Note: The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.)

8, Adjustable stem—let you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.

9, Power— 1× 9V DC battery (not supplied)

10, Frequency: 6.6KHZ±0.2KHZ

11, Low battery indication

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