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About Letonpower S1

Letonpower is a diving lighting equipment brand located in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to the development of strong performance, stable quality diving lighting products, And achieved a greater technical advantage.The S1 is our latest dive light complement, with anoriginal all-in-onedesign that takes powerful performance and reliability to a whole new level.

We will provide the following services for S1:

1: Only change without repair; within1 years, if the flashlight is damaged and cannot work normally, we will replace the new product for you for free. (You do not need to bear any expenses)

2. If it is damaged after two years, you only need to pay 50% of the cost and we will give you a new product.

3.If you want to repair the torch yourself, we can provide all the accessories for free.


Material: Original all-in-one Aluminum alloy


Voltage: 3.7V


Charging mode: Type-C charging (can be directly charged with mobile phone charger)

Reachable depth of water: under 100 meters of water

Beam angle:120 degrees

Size: 13.5(L)x 5.6(Tail φ) x 6Head φcm/ 5.3(L) x2.2(Tail φ) x 2.36(Head φ)in

Weight: 597g(without handle weight)


4 * XHP50 LED white light 6000K

4 * XHP50 LED yellow light (3500K)

8 *(White+Yellow ) XHP50 LED (5000K)

2 * Red R5 LED (620nm)

2 * Purple R5 LED (395nm)

Built-in 14400mah Battery

The flashlight has a built-in 3x 4800mah 21700 power battery.

5000Lumens: can work continuously for 200 minutes

14000Lumens:can work continuously for 120 minutes

25000Lumens:can work continuously for 60 minutes

(Note: The test results have deviations, please refer to the actual situation.)

Operation Instruction

Lock:Hold down the two switches at the same time to enter the lock mode to prevent you from accidentally turning on the flashlight. Press and hold both switches for 1 second to unlock.(When you receive the flashlight, you need to press two switch buttons to unlock it at the same time.

Temperature control protection:When the temperature of the flashlight is higher than 50 degrees Celsius, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness by 50%-30%. If the flashlight temperature drops to 40 degrees Celsius, the flashlight brightness will be restored to 100%. If you use a
flashlight underwater, the flashlight temperature will be lower than 40 degrees Celsius. So it is recommended that you use a flashlight underwater.

Type-C charging

1Unscrew the screw, you can use the mobile phone charger to charge the flashlight. During the charging process, the switch indicator shows red. After the battery is fully charged, the switch indicator turns blue.

2Before diving, please tighten the charging hole screw to prevent water ingress.

Two switch buttons

Button 1:

Mode 1: 2 *Red R5 LED Light

Mode 2: 2 *Purple R5 LED Light

Mode 3: Red flash

Mode 4Double-click the switch, flashing red and blue

Button 2:

Mode 1: 4 *XHP50 LED white light (5000Lumens)

Mode 2: 4 *XHP50 LED white light (14000Lumens)

Mode 3: 8 *XHP50 LED LIGHT (25000Lumens)(Switch:Double-click to enter the highlight modecolor temperature 5000k)

Mode 4: 4 *XHP50 LED yellow light(5000Lumens)

Mode 5: 4 *XHP50 LED yellow light(14000Lumens)

Note: Mode 3,all 8 LEDs are on, At this time, the color temperature can reach 5000k, this is the color temperature of natural light, our outdoor color temperature during the day is 5000K, which can be better for shooting.

Long press in any mode to turn off the flashlight

Switch indicator:

1when the battery is low, the indicator light is red, when the battery is high, the flashlight shows blue light.

2When the battery is low, the indicator light will flash for 10 seconds and then turn off.

What can you get?

1 x S1 Diving Flashlight ((Built-in 3*4800mah 21700 power battery) Black aperture

1 x Arm Ball

1 x handle

1 x USB Charging Cable

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