Handheld Underground Metallic Detector Cash/Keys/Metallic Huter Delicate Search Treasure Hunter for Youngsters/Starters All-sun TS20A



Please test and use this detector outdoor !

This package does not include headphones.If you need, please prepare it by yourself.

This package may does not include batteries.If you need, please contact us.

Only the search coil is waterproof, don’t put all the detector into water.


This metal detector can be used for detection of metals buried underground.

With this detectoryou can hunt for coins, key and other matallic objects.It is easy to operate.

The TS20A metal detector is suitable for the beginner of the treasure hunting hobbyist.

Or if you' d like to cultivate the children's spirit of exploration, TS20A will be your smartest choice.

New Version! New Updates!

Three energetic color: Blue, Yellow and Black. Colorful your treasure hunting.

Equipped a electric torch. Against the dard enviroment surrounded.

Foldable shaft. Smaller size, easier to carry.

Waterproof  Search Coil


1. Battery Compartment Cover

2. Power/Sensitivity Knob

3. Earphone Jack

4. Adjustable Shaft

5. Clip

6. Shaft Lock Nut

7. Search Coil


Max. Detection Distance in the air (Use a 25 cent coin as the target):more than 6cm

IP Degree:IP20

Coil Diameter:15.4 cm

Battery:9V battery, 6F22 or equivalent, 1 piece

Length:102 cm (adjustable)

Weight:about 465g (including battery)

Operating Temperature:0℃ to 45℃

Operating Aultitude:0 to 2000 m


1. Take out all parts from the shipping carton.

2. Insert the lower shaft into the upper shaft. (Do not insert the lower shaft too deep.)

3. Aim the location points on the front cover and back cover at the location hole on both sides ofupper shaft until the two covers match perfectly. The clip and the handle should be in the same direction.

4. Lock the four screws into the front cover.

5. Rotate the shaft lock nut counter clockwise to secure the lower shaft.


a. The location points are on the inner surface of the front cover and back cover.

b. There are four screw holes on the front cover.


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