ARCHON DG12K Diving Searchlight Pink Inexperienced Gentle Tremendous Shiny 12000 Lumen 200m Underwater Waterproof Dive Search Rescue Torch



◆Model: DG12K Diving Searchlight with Green & Red Laser

◆Bulb: 6 * White LED (color temperature: 6,500 K), 1 * Green Laser, 1 * Red Laser

◆Max brightness level / wavelength: 12,000 lumens for White, 532 / 650 nm for Green/ Red laser

◆Switch 1: Green laser> off > Red laser> off

◆Switch 2: White: high > medium > emergency low > off

◆Runtime: White: high 2.5 hrs, medium 4.5 hrs, emergency low 100 hrs; Green / Red laser: 100 hrs

◆Glossy aluminum reflector

◆Angle of lightbeam (White): 8 plus periphery light

◆8 mm polycarbonate lens

◆Light head with a green luminous 0-ring

◆Body material: durable aluminum

◆Surface treatment: hard anodizing

◆Color: Black

◆Battery: customized built-in lithium battery pack (capacity: 96Wh)

◆With battery charge and over-discharge protection

◆Charger: input: AC, 100 – 240V, 50/ 60 hz; output: 26 V, 2 A; charging time:3-4 hrs

◆Operation voltage: 25.2- 18.4V

◆Waterproof: up to 200 Meters

◆Dimensions: 214 mm(length)" 72 mm (dia. of light body)* 82 mm (dia. of light head)

◆Weight in air: approx. 1,596 g. (with battery pack)

◆Underwater weight: approx. 802 g. (with battery pack)

Package List:

1 x DG12K Light

1 x Shoulder strap

1 x Charger, chaging cable, Orings

1 x User manual

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