USB Rechargeable 365nm UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Lamp Torch Black Gentle Pet Moss Detector For Cat Canine Stains Mattress Bug Moldy Meals


USB Rechargeable 365nm UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Lamp Torch Black Light Pet Moss Detector For Cat Dog Stains Bed Bug Moldy Food уф фонарик 손전등 후레쉬 축광기 ультрафиолетфонарик ультрафиолетовый фонарь

365nm purple flashlight is small, light
and easy to operate. With it, you can check skin diseases for your pet.
It can also apply crop identification to keep you away from moldy food,
paper money anti-counterfeiting identification, amber wax
identification, antique repair identification and so on.


Material: aluminum alloy
Model: sz-365
Power: 3W
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery: built in lithium battery
Battery life: 10000h
Charging time: 2-3H
Charging mode: USB direct charging
Light color: Purple
Switch: press the switch
Protection grade: IP65
Effective range: more than 50m
Size: Mini: 88 * 20MM standard: 105 * 25MM
Weight: 90g
Application scenario: cat moss, antique identification, mold identification, etc

Package:as picture

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