Tremendous Vivid Flashlight With Energy Financial institution Lengthy Vary Excessive-Energy Sort-c Charging Tactical Torch LEP 50W Outside Journey Lighting


Product parameters:

1.Lamp bead model: 50W white spotlight

2.Lens material: optical convex lens

3.Working gear: 3 gears (strong, weak, strobe), long press to turn off the light in any gears

4.Product size: length 17.7cm, head diameter 5.2cm, tail diameter 3.4cm

Length 19.8cm, head diameter 5.2cm, tail diameter 3.4cm (length after zoom)

5.Applicable battery: 26650×1 (Optional)

6.Waterproof grade: IPX6 (living waterproof, rain proof)

7.Lumen brightness: 8000 lumensĀ 

8.Product power: 50W

9.Product material: aluminum alloy

10.Working voltage: 3.7V

11.Product color: black/white color body

12.Direct charging or not: TYPE-C USB direct charging (with dual interfaces for output and input)

13.Focusing or not: telescopic focusing

14.Electric quantity display: switch electric quantity display function, green light indicates sufficient electric quantity, red light indicates low electric quantity and needs to be charged

15.Charging prompt: the key light flashes red when charging, and the green light is always on when fully charged

16.Net weight:370g


The new Type-c USB fast charging, power display function, and output function can be used as a charging bank to charge the mobile phone. The lens is enlarged, and the lighting range is wider. When the light is on, the lens slowly turns red to highlight the high-level sense, and the fluorescent strip on the cylinder will glow after receiving light. The silicone button is convenient for quick operation of the light mode. The cylinder body has anti-skid patterns, and the head attacks the head, meeting various lighting needs.

1.50W white spotlight lamp beads, with high brightness of 8000 lumens, service life of 100000 hours, and irradiation distance of more than 1 km;

2. Convex lens: Eagle eye large convex lens, with good light transmission performance, not easy to damage, and solid aluminum attack head protection lens from wear

3. Telescopic zoom: stretch the head left and right to zoom, and the astigmatic focusing mode is convenient for use in different situations;

4. Middle switch: high-quality natural rubber material, surface anti-skid treatment, touch the switch to switch the lighting mode;

5. Battery contact: the battery contact is designed with good conductivity to effectively prevent poor contact.


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