NEW LED Diving Gentle Spotlight Torch 20000Lumens Tactical Diving Flashlight Underwater 100M Waterproof Video Digital camera Gentle



flashlight illuminant:

BB18-1S:(10 x XM-L2 white , 4 x XPE red R5, 4 x XPE blue R5)
BB14-4S :(6 x XHP90 white , 4 x XPE red R5, 4 x XPE blue R5)
BB14-7S:(6 x XLamp MT-G white , 4 x XPE red R5, 4 x XPE blue R5)

BB27-1S :(15 x XM-L2 white , 6 x XPE red R5, 6 x XPE blue R5)

White light Brightness:

BB18-1S10 * XM-L2 =12000LM

BB14-4S : 6 * XHP90 = 18000LM

BB14-7S:6 * XLamp MT-G = 22800LM

BB27-1S:15* XM-L2 =20000LM

Blue light Brightness: 4 blue R5 = 240LM / 6blue R5 = 360LM

Red light Brightness: 4 red R5 = 240LM / 6 red R5 = 360LM

The glass property: 6mm double plating and harden PC glass.

Light cup: No light cup

Product Material: spaceflight level aluminium alloy

White light color temperature: 6000K

Red light color temperature: 620nM

Blue light color temperature: 455nM

The beam Angle: 120

Waterproof rate: IPX8

Maximum power300W

Switch type: Button Switch on lamp head

Surface craft: Three-stage hard anodic oxidation.

Irradiation distance: 300-500 meters

Power supply: four 18650 battery (NO Including battery)

Working voltage: 3.7V

Product color: Black

Net weight: 456g

Diving depth80m beneath the surface

Size: 123mm (Lengh), 65mm(head diameter), 53mm(diameter of the end)

Operation Instruction:

White light switch Mode (the left power key):High (100%)/ Middle(25%) / Weak (12%)(OFF to Long press the button for 2 seconds for any mode)

Red and blue light switch Mode (the right power key):Red / Red slow flash / Blue / Red fast flash (double-click the button at any mode) / OFF (Long press the button for 2 seconds at any mode)

Maintenance Tips:

1.You need to tighten the body of the flashlight and the lamp head.

2:Note that the flashlight is very powerful and requires a lot of current. It is recommended to use a power battery, the battery discharge rate can reach 3C/ 5C If your battery current is very small, the white light of the flashlight will not work.
3:Appearance precautions, the flashlight supports the use of a pointed battery,the flat battery cannot touch the circuit board, and the flashlight cannot be used normally

4.Do not shine the light beam directly into eyes.

5.Do not installing the battery reverse polarity.

6.After use you should wash your diving lights thoroughly in fresh water along with the rest of your equipment.

7.Clean, lubricate and inspect the O-rings,that would better for the flashlight's long-term use.

8.Clean the battery and electrical contacts.

9.Store your scuba diving lights without their batteries to prevent any possible corrosion from battery leakage.

10.Always recharge the battery when the light goes dim, thus overwork of batteries can be avoided and lifetime could be extended.

11.Store your dive lights in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


1, if you have any problems with the product, we will help you solve it, we can replace the new flashlight for free within one month. If there is a
problem within 1 year, we can provide accessories, you only need to replace the accessories, the flashlight will work normally.
2, please do not submit a dispute, if you submit a dispute, this order will be transferred to the AliExpress customer service, we can not operate. This will not solve the problem.

What do you get?

Package 1:

1* fill light flashlight, (no battery)
1* Arm Ball
1* Handheld holder
2* "O" type waterproof ring

Package 2:

1* fill light flashlight,
1* Arm Ball
1* Handheld holder
2* "O" type waterproof ring
4* 3.7V 18650 battery

Package 3:

1* fill light flashlight,
1* Arm Ball
1* Handheld holder
2* "O" type waterproof ring
4* 3.7V 18650 battery
1* USB Charger

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