Metallic Detector MD-5090 with 20cm Waterproof Search Coil, Adjustable for Children Adults Freshmen, Disc & All Metals


Metal Detector MD-5090 with 20cm Waterproof Search Coil, Adjustable for Kids Adults Beginners, Disc & All Metals

About this product

1. 【Two detection modes】: all metal modes
for different types of metals, including coins, cultural relics,
jewelry, gold, copper, silver, etc .; Elimination mode for some
low-value metals and distinguish high-value metals that want to be

2. 【Outdoor Sports】: With the universal 3.5mm headphone
jack, you can adjust the volume to suit different environments. Simple
and easy to operate, it is very suitable for children and adults, at
home and outdoors.

3. 【Enough for Multiple Situations】:
Waterproof, 7.8-inch, 2-pound search coil, detects 6-inch depth
underground. Portable for exploration treasures of beaches, gardens,
forests, grasslands, mountains and underwater exploration.

【Easy to get result】: LED display and beep reminder. Pointer the value
from 0 to 10 represents the intensity of the target metal detection
signal. Upon detection, the machine will beep to remind you that metal
is nearby.

5. 【Easy to use】: Adjustable stem (Maximum: 108CM /
42.5 inches; Minimum: 78cm / 30.7 inches). Improved arm support for more
ergonomic and more comfortable than other devices. It can pass FCC and
ROHS certification.


Operation mode:all metal and DISC

Sensitivity:Maximum. In all-metal mode, the depth of a quarter of the United States is> 180 mm

Detection object:metal (iron nails, iron sheets, aluminum rings, small aluminum products, coins, gold, copper, silver)

Working frequency:5.69KHz

Power supply:2*9V battery (not included)

Working current:standby 10mA, maximum. 70mA

Detection indication:mechanical pointer mode, audio mode



Adjustable stem:maximum. Length: 1080 mm/42.52 inches, minimum length: 780 mm/30.71 inches

Waterproof search coil diameter:200 mm/7.87 inches

Speaker or headphone jack: 1.2"

Gross weight: 1.35KG


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