Treasure Hunter 19.2khz 13



Please contact us to check whether this coil compatible with your detector before you place the order


Made of high quality materials, durable to use.
Professional and IP 68 waterproof, lets you detect even if you must put it underwater.
It is suitable for GX850, TX850 and any other 19.2khz detectors.


Material: ABS
Color: black
Operating Frequency: 19.2 KHZ
Disk diameter:  12.5in * 12.9in
Item weight: 580g 
Operating Temperature: -15~45℃ / 5~113℉
Storage Temperature: -20~60℃ / -4~140℉
Detect Objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)

Packing List:                                              

1 * Search Coil (with nut and line)

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