Metallic Detector for Children, 4


Metal Detector for Kids, Kids Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil, Backlight LCD Display, Adjustable Lightweight Metal Detector, Use for Detecting Coins, Gold and Outdoor Treasures

The TIANXUN metal detector for kids comes with 3 modes; its detection depth is up to 4". It is light in weight, has easy operation, has comfortable handling, and has an ergonomic design. This metal detector is ideal for the little ones in outdoor activities like treasure hunting.

-3 modes can accurately detect ferrous metals, medium conductivity metals, and high conductivity metals

– The lightweight metal detector is only 1.87 lbs

– The detection depth is up to 4"

-360° detection, accurate positioning

-IP 68 waterproof technology, suitable for various places

-25"-31" adjustable height metal detector

-7.5" big search coil metal detector

With this metal detector, you will enjoy spending time with your children, helping them exercise their exploration skills and curiosity to fulfill their treasure-hunting dreams.

3 Detection Modes & DISC Button

The Skycruiser metal detectors for kids can distinguish three categories of target metals.


This includes many iron targets such as nails, screws, bolts, and some large iron objects like horseshoes.

Non-ferrous with Weak Conductivity

This includes US nickels, rings, and small jewelry but also includes many eliminated items, such as tin foil, pull tabs, screw caps, and bottle caps.

Non-ferrous with Strong Conductivity

This includes most copper and silver coins, as well as modern clad coins.

The smart DISC button helps you eliminate unwanted metal detection. After turning on the metal detector, all three categories of metal targets are enabled, which means that it will detect all metal targets.

Press the DISC button once to eliminate ferrous (iron) targets.

Press the DISC button again, and it eliminates non-ferrous targets with weak conductivity.

By pressing the DISC button three times, the detector will return to the default state, and it will detect all metals.


Lightweight Design

The lightweight metal detector is only 1.87 lbs. Perfect for finding metal objects in outdoor activities. One-button simple operation, specially designed for children metal detectors.

Multi-functional Metal Detector

The screen of the metal detector can observe the detection depth, confirm the type of target metal, remaining power, etc. Adjust the brightness of the metal detectors for the kid to strong and low light environments.

IP 68 Waterproof

IP 68 waterproof technology enables you to perform shallow water detection. (Note: The control box is not waterproof). The metal detector allows you to enjoy outdoor activities, like treasure hunting anywhere (gardens, parks, beaches, and forests, all outdoor places).

Suitable for Various Outdoor Scenes

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