Metallic Detector DM3004A Handheld Alarm Excessive Sensitivity Metallic Scanner Safety Checker Pinpointer Search Coil Metallic Detect Device

Price: 9.42


1.Quick detection and induction

2.Outdoor detection selection

3.Easy to fold and carry


5.Wide application scenarios The products are widely used in government agencies, airports/stations/examination halls and other required security inspection places


Current consumption: less than 3mA

Working temperature: – 10 ℃~+50 ℃

Diameter of search head: 139mm

Detection mode: beep alarm/LED indicator flashing

Features: can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Battery: 9V battery

Package include:

Carton packaging

A: Metal detector * 1+English instruction * 1+lanyard * 1

B: Metal detector * 1+English instruction * 1+lanyard * 1+9V battery

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