Underground Folding Metallic Detector with Excessive Sensitivity Waterproof Search Coil Foldable Gold Detector TX610 630 640

Price: 79.49

High Accuracy Foldable Metal Detector with Water Proof Search Coil, Adjustable Shaft ,Precise Metal Disc Memory


This TX-610 Underground Metal Detector is a foldable metal detector, easy take and use. It can distinguish the ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This metal detector is suitable for the people whose hobby is outdoor adventure and treasure hunting. Its LCD Screen indicator mode and pinpointing function can let the users find the hidden metal quickly and
easily, with your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, andsilver just about anywhere.


This metal detector is also widely applied in many other areas.Gold Detection, Desert Detection, Military Use, Safety Inspection, Archeology, Treasure Hunting, Beach Detection


1,TOP METAL DETECTOR FOR ADULTS, The TX-610 is an exciting new addition for both professionals and enthusiasts. Offers 5 upgraded modes including Pinpoint Mode, All metal, Discrimination, Memory, and Jewelry. Innovative Memory Mode remembers one kind of metal and only detects that specific type. Locate exactly what you want in far less time.

2, LARGE LCD DISPLAY has a big clear screen, that is easy to read. Backlight lets you work in the dark for a great deal more flexibility. 3 display modes to easily identify the type of metals you are detecting. Displays digital image and sound with multiple settings for customization.

3,10" WIDE SEARCH COIL is so powerful it can locate a quarter coin up to 10" underground. It can find larger objects at even greater depths. The coil is waterproof and works well in shallow water.

4, DEPTH & SENSITIVITY ADJUSTABLE. Adjust the depth indication for objects 2", 4", 6", 8" with plus or minus. Easily fine tune for objects and conditions with the 5 grade sensitivity control. This gives you a lot of control over accuracy not found in lesser designs. Spend far less time digging while finding more exciting precious metals and antique artifacts.

5,FOLDABLE & EASY TO CARRY this is an excellent choice for travel, vacations, camping trips, and outings. It's guaranteed to make a great birthday gift, holiday present, anniversary gift or give for Father's Day and Mother's Day. Buy yours now while we have this very popular new model in plentiful supply. They are selling quickly.

Operation Mode: 4+1


Non-motion Mode: PINPOINT

• Coins Depth Indication: 2’’,4’’,6’’,8’’ and+

• Sensitivity Control: 5 grades

• Target Metals Discrimination:6 kinds


The metal detector is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is durable and has a long service life


Folding metal detector is small and lightweight, which can be easily folded into a compact size when not in use.


Foldable metal detector can be easily adjusted to meet different needs. you can adjust the length according to your needs, and it is very convenient to use.

About this item
[Foldable Design Without Assemble]  The TIANXUN metal detector for adults has a collapsible design and is lightweight. It can be unfold by pressing the lock button without assemble. Fold down small to fit into the included storage bag, which is more convenient to carry and suitable for travel.
[Higher Depth & Accuracy]  Professional metal detector with upgraded DSP chip,
[More Intuitive LCD Display]  Simple operation buttons and easy to understand large backlit LCD display.
[Adjustable Wand & 9.8” Waterproof Search Coil] 34.6" to 42.5" adjustable stem is suitable for adults or kids of different heights. The line is hidden inside the adjustable rod, which is not easy to damage and is more beautiful. The waterproof metal detector allows you to use underwater detection, which is suitable for you and your kids to go outdoor treasure hunting, such as beaches, streams and yards.  (Note: The control box is not waterproof)


TX-640 metal detector is ideal for those who are looking for a serious
entry-level machine. With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins,
relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. This metal
detector is versatile and easy to use.


Detecting metal objects buried underground. Widely used in security check, treasure hunting, material check etc..


1. Two Operation Modes: All Metal, Disc

2. Volume – To adjust the volume level of speaker and headphone.

3. Earphone Jack – Lets you connect headphones (not supplied) to the detector.

4. View Meter and Pointer – The meter pointer swings to the right if metal is found.

5. Waterproof Search Coil – Lets you search for metal objects under shallow water.

6. Adjustable Stem – Lets you adjust the detector's length.

 · 【5
Strong Modes & 9 Upgraded Metals】With 5 powerful detection modes,
including all-metal, DISC, NOTCH, PP, memory mode, you can adjust the
mode at will according to the detection needs, easily identify the type
of metal you are detecting. 9 metal detection will make your detection
objects more comprehensive and accurate. Metal detector features will
undoubtedly bring more fun to gold mining enthusiasts. (The
corresponding values of 9 kinds of metals are for reference only)

· 【Portable
& Foldable Design】Compared to other products, the gold panning kit
can be unfolded with just a touch featured an advanced foldable design,
no complicated assembly is needed. You can fold up the metal detector
with just a touch and store it in the equipped bag. Also, lightweight
and easy to carry, this folding metal detector for adults is the best
choice for your outdoor adventure!

· 【Higher
Accuracy & IP68 Waterproof】Gold metal detector attached with
upgraded DSP chip, 8 levels of sensitivity and adjustable depth of
detection, can locate small coins and metal objects up to 10 inches
deep. At the same time, the use of IP68 waterproof search coil, even if
can continue to detect freely underwater. (LCD monitor is not
waterproof) Gold finder can save time to detect as well as help avoid
false alarms while enjoying the thrill of digging up treasure!

· 【Intuitive
Backlit LCD Display】Equipped with an LCD display in the detection
process will show the mode, results, volume, depth, sensitivity and
other information. In addition, the LCD display has a backlight
function, even when detecting at night, just press the backlight button
to see the information on the screen. When you detect metal, you can see
the detection results directly on the display, avoiding you to overlook
any treasures and metals.

· 【Comfortable
& Complete Cool Gift】The arm rest design saves more energy and
comes with an adjustable wrist strap and pole to make your arm more
comfortable and less stressful. The metal detector accessories includes a
metal detector for adults, headphones, shovel, two 9V alkaline
batteries and a storage bag, which is a great choice as a gift for
friends who like to pan for gold and adventure.

Give You a Great Treasure Hunting Journey

for choosing our fordable metal detectors. You could find all metals
including coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere,
including lawns, snows, mountains, etc. The waterproof coil of the metal
detector also works effectively when hunting for gold along riverbeds
and in streams.

Foldable Metal Detector

metal detector with a collapsible design, no assembly is required, just
fold it into the storage bag. You can take it anywhere you want.
Lightweight and doesn't take up much space.

Built-in Wires

use of the built-in wire in the metal detector can prevent the wire
from being damp and aging, thereby prolonging the service cycle and
avoiding the potential safety hazards of external wires.

Q1. Does this metal detector need to be assembled by myself? How can I fold it?

is no complicated assembly for you, just hold the PRESS button to
unfold the detector to use it immediately. Similarly, when you need to
fold it, PRESS button will help you do that. (The foldable metal
detector has 5 retractable places)

Q2. Is this metal detector to be waterproof? Can I use it underwater?

a waterproof IP68 search coil, you can continue to detect freely even
when you encounter a watery area, but please notice that the LCD monitor
is not waterproof.

Q3. Why my metal detector keeps beeping?

is not recommended to use the gold detector indoors, there are many
objects included metals so the detector will keep beeping.

the sensitivity and enhance the height between the search coil and the
ground when you met the area of highly mineralized ground.

If some metal digging tools are close to the search coil, the detection will be affected.

Warm Tips:

Erysxury metal detectors should only be used and stored in normal
temperature environments. Extreme temperatures will shorten its life.

– Outdoor use is recommended as there is too much interference indoors.

– If it will not be used for a long time, make sure to remove the batteries.

– Watch for water to prevent it from entering the LCD monitor.

If the detector continues to send erratic signals in the field, the
sensitivity may be too high, try reducing the sensitivity until the
false signal disappears.

To use the Pinpoint function, press the PP button and sweep the search
coil over the target area while maintaining the same height above the

As the metal parameters set by each metal detector are different, the
corresponding table of metal digital values is only for reference of
this detector.

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