MD5090 Underground Gold Steel Detector Finder Objects Buried Search Treasure Searching Materials Verify Gear with Headphones

Price: 84.71

With this metal detector, you can find coins, artifacts, jewelry, gold and silver almost anywhere, and it is versatile and easy to use.

ALL Metal & DISC two operating modes:ALL Metal mode is suitable for all different types of metals, with automatic grounding balance and high sensitivity, and DISC mode can distinguish the types of metals being detected.

Adjustable stem:Allows you to adjust the length of the detector for ease of use.

Check the gauge and pointer:
The display interface is clearer and the reading speed is faster. If metal is found, the gauge pointer will swing to the right.

Humanized design:
With handle and elbow support, you can comfortably carry and operate your detector, ensuring that the detector is easy for people of different heights and ages.

Strong practicability:It is suitable for the search and detection of metal objects, gold and silver jewelry, coins, cultural relics, etc., whether you are a fledgling treasure hunter or an experienced metal detection enthusiast, you can easily use it.

Easy to use:
audio alarm and pointer indicate metal detection.

Adjustable volume:
Through the volume control knob, you can adjust the output volume of the loudspeaker or earphone.

Operation mode:all metal and DISC
Sensitivity:Maximum. In all-metal mode, the depth of a quarter of the United States is> 180 mm
Detection object:metal (iron nails, iron sheets, aluminum rings, small aluminum products, coins, gold, copper, silver)
Working frequency:5.69KHz
Power supply:2*9V battery (not included)
Working current:standby 10mA, maximum. 70mA
Detection indication:mechanical pointer mode, audio mode
Adjustable stem:maximum. Length: 1080 mm/42.52 inches, minimum length: 780 mm/30.71 inches
Waterproof search coil diameter:200 mm/7.87 inches
Speaker or headphone jack: 1.2"
Gross weight: 1.15KG

raw material, fuel, food metal foreign body detection, underground pipeline detection, archaeology, prospecting, discovery of gold and silver metal cultural relics buried treasure, scrap metal industry acquisition, inspection of metal foreign bodies in express delivery and luggage.
Packing size: 54*22*11cm/21.26*8.66*4.33in

packing list:
1 * Metal detector host
1 * Handrail
2 * Connecting rod
1 * Search coil
1 * Manual (English)
1 * Headphone (optional)

1. The search coil is waterproof, but the control housing is not waterproof.

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