BORUiT V7 LED EDC Keychain Flashlight Kind-C Rechargeable Transportable Work Mild Mini Torch with Clip UV Tenting Pocket Lantern



✿✿Super Bright & Long Range Flashlight ➤➤ Adopting 3 powerful LED light,multi-color side light,the edc bright flashlight brightness up to 1100 high lumens, irradiation distance up to 100m,with a clear and visible field of vision,can easily dispel the dark.

✿✿BORUIT V7 Mini Magnetic Flashlight with Clip ➤➤Adding magnetic at the tail,which can be absorbed on any iron object,free your hands.Clip design on the back,the small flashlight can be firmly clipped to pockets, straps, and hats, equipped with a portable key chain that can be hung on a backpack or keychain,making it easy to carry and more efficient to work.

✿✿USB C Rechargeable Flashlight ➤➤Built-in 800mah rechargeable battery with USB C fast charging port ,fast charging for 3 hours, with a usage time of about 4 hours in the brightest mode,saving your time.Using high quality aluminum alloy ,IPX5 waterproof,1.5M drop resistance,strong and durable.

✿✿10 Working Modes EDC Flash Light ➤➤ Controlled by 2 buttons,easy to switch.5 white light for the main light (extremely bright/high/medium/low/slightly bright) 5 modes of side light(white/red/UV/red flashing/red and blue alternate flashing),making it a perfect all-purpose flashlight for daily use and outdoor use such as work lights and warning lights.

✿✿Lightweight Flashlight➤➤The mini flashlight only weights 1.8oz(52g),and measures 2.5”x 1.4”x 0.8”(64*37.5*21mm), which is small enought to fit in your hand,pocket or keychain,easy for everyday carry and use.If you have any questions about our head lamp, please contact with us,we will assist you within 12 hours.

Dimming instructions:

✿✿Double-click to turn on the main light, and click dimming: High–Middle–Low–Weak

✿✿In the closed state, Keep press the switch to turn on extremely bright, release and close.

✿✿Double-click another switch to turn on the side lights: white light, purple light, red light, red light flashing, red light and blue light flashing alternately.

✿✿Long press to turn off the flashlight


Power: 12W.
Maximum luminous flux: 1100 lumens.
Range: 100m.
Battery capacity: 800mAh.
Main lamp: extremely bright-highlight-medium bright-low bright-energy saving gear.
Side lights: White light-purple light-red light-red light burst flash-red and blue alternating flash.
Maximum lighting time: 120H.
Charging port specification: TYPE-C.
Anti-fall: 1.5 meters.
Waterproof grade: IPX5
Body Material: aluminum alloy

Package List

1× Flashlight
1× Type-C USB Cable
1× gift box

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