Tuya Sensible Finder GPS Tracker Keychain Anti Misplaced Alarm&discover Issues Simply Wi-fi Location Tracker Tag 2-way Search Key Finder

Price: 1.70

Anti-lost Alarm Tag Battery Operated Wireless Child Bag Wallet Finder APP Bluetooth-Compatible Anti Lose Reminder for Android 8+

1. Find Your Valuables: Attach the anti-lost alarm tag to your valuable items. When the device is connected to the smart phone app via Bluetooth, use the app’s find function to trigger the alarm on the tag, helping you locate your lost items quickly and easily.
2. Find Your Phone: When the mini GPS tracker is connected to the smart phone app via Bluetooth and you need to find your phone, simply double-click the button on the tag to make your phone emit a loud ringing sound, making it easy to locate.
3. Two-Way Alarm: Enable the “Bluetooth-compatible Disconnection Alarm” switch in the app to activate the two-way anti-loss feature. When the global tracker and the smart phone app are connected via Bluetooth, if the connection is interrupted, both the phone and the anti-lost tag will sound an alarm, alerting you of potential loss or theft.
4. Remote Selfie: When the kid dog pets key finder is connected to the smart phone app via Bluetooth, use the app’s remote selfie feature to capture photos wireless. Say goodbye to awkward angles or asking strangers for help-take perfect selfies effortlessly.
5. Location History: If the connection between the smart GPS locator and the smart phone app is lost, the app will record the last known location of the item. This information will be displayed on the map within the app, allowing you to navigate directly to the location where the item was last connected, simplifying the retrieval process.

Certification: NONE
Origin: Mainland China
Smart home platform: Other
Model Number: Anti-lost Alarm Tag
Operating Language: English
Material: ABS
Colour(optional): black, white, blue
Bluetooth-compatible: Bluetooth-compatible 5.0
Battery: 1*CR2032 (product includes battery)
APP: rFinder
Support mobile phone version: for iOS 11.0; for Android 8.0 and above
Wireless Distance: 25m (barrier-free)
Product Size: 54.00×30.00×6.00mm/2.13×1.18×0.24inch
Weight: 10g
Applicable objects: car, motorbike, elderly, children, pets, wallet, luggage, etc.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


1 x Anti-lost Alarm Tag 

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