Sturdy LED Flashlight USB Charging Search Extremely-Brilliant Lengthy-Vary Telescopic Zoom Multi-Perform Waterproof Moveable Flashlight

Price: 3.87



1. Zoom, 10W highlight. Stretch head – focus long shot; Shrink head – Wide scattering.

2. Use high-power LED wicks, pipeline highlights, irradiation distance is longer. Constant no flicker, stable lighting.

3. Multi-stage cooling system, constant temperature is not hot.

4. Click the button to switch gears (strong light – low light – flash).

5.TYPE-C direct charge, positive and negative can be inserted, strong applicability. (Red light when charging, green light when full)

6. With a power indicator, the indicator blinks synchronously with the gear.

7.IPX4 life waterproof rating, not afraid of mist and rain.

Product Parameter

【Product name】 : P50 flashlight

【Material】: ABS+PC+ aluminum

【Power Supply】 : 18650/1200 mah lithium battery

【 Light source 】 : high brightness P50 lamp bead

【Mode】 : Strong light – low light – flash

【Discharge time】 : full light 2.5 hours, half light 5 hours

【Charging time】 : 2.5 hours, charging current 1A

【Irradiation distance】 : 100-200 meters

【 Waterproof class 】 : IPX4

【 lumens 】 : 2000 lumens

【 Power 】4.1 volts 800 MA

【Product weight】: 100g

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