MD2022 Large LCD Show Metallic Detector Underground Wire Iron Metallic Gold Detector Adjustable Tracker for Treasure Search

Price: 125.16

Big LCD Display: Shows the probable type of metal with an arrow, the depth of the target, DISC range, the level of SENS with segment, the operating mode, and battery condition.

ALL METAL & MODE & P/P Modes: ALL METAL for detecting all types of metal. MODE for target discrimination, eliminate the target you don't want. And after detecting the metal, P/P mode help to pinpoint the accurate location of the target detected.

3-tone Audio Discrimination: once the metal finder detect something, it will sound 3 distinctive tones(high, medium, and low) for different types of metal.

Headphone Jack: detector designed with a 3.5mm headphone jack for connecting with headphones(NOT included). Using headphones not only allows you to hear subtle changes in the sound more clearly, but also prevents the sounds from bothering bystanders.

Waterproof Search Coil: can be operated in the shallow water, 10-inch (253mm) large size with high accuracy for more stable performance.

Sensitivity Adjustment: after you become familiar with how the detector works, it is important to fine tune the sensitivity to get better detecting effect.

Easy to Assemble & Operate: metal detector is easy to assemble, no tools are required. When detecting, keep the search coil parallel to the ground, then sweep it from side to side slowly.

Height Adjustable: user-friendly stretchable rod, allows the operator of different heights to adjust the detector to the desired position for comfortable using.

Wide Applications: apply in gold/silver/coin/metal/cultural relics detection in desert, beach, grassland, archaeological site, etc.


Material: ABS

Working Frequency: 5.5~5.8KHz

Working Current: static≤23mA, dynamic≤50mA

Sensitivity: ≥20cm (25 cent, in the air)

PP: ≥22cm (25 cent, in the air)

Alarm: Audio, LCD indicator

DISC Detection Range: Adjustable

Sensitivity Range: Adjustable

Backlight Brightness: Adjustable

Power Supply: 2 * 9V 6F22 battery (NOT included)

Screen Size: 70 * 48mm / 2.76 * 1.89in

Search Coil Size: 253mm / 9.96in

Adjustable Height: 1080~1360mm / 42.52 * 53.54in

Item Weight: 1095g / 38.65oz

Packing List:

1 * Detector Control Unit

1 * Search Coil

1 * Armrest

2 * Rod

1 * Manual (English)

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