Steel Detector Handheld Gold Treasure Search Finders Underground Steel Detector Tracker Seeker Instruments Waterproof Search Coil Package

Price: 46.17

Material: ABS plastic

Detector diameter: 6.10 inches

Detection objects: metal (iron nails, iron sheets, aluminum, small aluminum products, coins, gold, bronze, silver)

Detection method: all metal

Working frequency: 55.2KHZ

Working current: standby 20mA, maximum 70mA

Working voltage range: 7V-9V

Detection instructions: LCD display, sound mode

Sensitivity: one coin: 10mm, infinitely adjustable

Detection depth: 10-100cm (depending on the target area you detect)

Battery: 1×6F22 9V battery (not included)

Application: finding money, silver, gold, detecting various metals, popular science education, simple metal detection

Working temperature: -15-45℃ / 5-113℉

Storage temperature: -20-60℃ / -4-140℉

Detector size: 19×15.5×67cm/7.48×6.10×26.38inch

Screen size: 6×5.5cm

Rake size: 27.5cm

Fork size: 27.5cm

Parts List:

1×Metal Detector 1×Rake 1×Fork 1×Bag

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