Metallic Detector DM3004A Handheld Alarm Excessive Sensitivity Metallic Scanner Safety Checker Pinpointer Search Coil Metallic Detect Device

Price: 15.14

Product selling points:

1. Quick detection and sensing

2. Selected outdoor detection

3. Easy to fold and carry around

4. Long lasting battery life

5. Wide application scenarios The product is widely used in government agencies, Airport/station/examination room and other required security inspection sites

Product parameters:

Current consumption: less than 3mA

Working temperature: -10 ℃~+50 ℃

Search head diameter: 139mm

Detection mode: Beep alarm/LED indicator light flashing

Features: Able to detect black and non-ferrous metals

Battery: 9V battery product

Packaging and List: Paper Box Packaging

A: Metal detector * 1+English manual * 1+hanging rope * 1

B: Metal detector * 1+English manual * 1+hanging rope * 1+9V battery

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