3000 Meter Lengthy-Vary White Laser Flashlight with Luminous Strips TYPE-C Rechargeable Zoomable Tenting Search Highlight

Price: 19.41


1. Adopt high power white laser LED wick, light high brightness irradiation distance, easy to light up the night, meet your lighting needs.

2.  Five modes (strong – medium – weak – flash – SOS), a key control, switch the light mode to meet the needs of different scenes.

3.  Dual interface input and output, USB output charging, TYPE-C input charging, digital display always grasp the power.

5.  30W LED bright white laser beads, spotlight 650m, floodlight 50 square metres or more.

6.  The body is full of fluorescent absorbing film, after using the torch off, in the dark space, a little fluorescent light to tell you that it exists.


Lamp beads: white laser
Net Weight: 280g
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Battery: 26650*1
Charging mode: type-c fast charging
Gear: strong light – medium light – low light – burst flash – SOS (long press shutdown)
Features: support output digital electric display side light-absorbing fluorescent strips


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